Sugar Loaf Conquered

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A dad and 2 children on top of Sugar Loaf12 dads and twice as many children climbed Sugar Loaf on Sunday 19th May, 2013, finding a beautiful weather window in which to do so. Spectacular views were the reward, making the effort more than worthwhile. While speeds of ascent varied, all met up for a picnic lunch on the summit – a welcome break for those dads who had been mules for the younger children over the final ascent! Here, you can browse some of the photos taken by dads on the day.

A very real experience

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Children watch fascinated by a tarantula crawling up a man's arm‘Is it real’?, became the catch-phrase on Sunday 24th March, 2013, when Dave and Sue Shaw braved the icy roads to bring their amazing Rainforest Road-Show to Ashfield Park School in Ross.  A very large live scorpion, python, and bird-eating spider were just some of the stars of the show, and everyone was able to taste some real rainforest foods, including durian fruit – renowned for its putrid smell (a blend of gym socks and raw sewage) yet pleasant taste.  Every tribal item, food or exotic creature was brought to life with first-hand stories and photos from over 40 trips to rainforests around the world.  For many children, having the opportunity to try a real tribal blow-pipe to shoot a dart across the school hall was a highlight of the afternoon.  The dart was made from wood, whittled by razor-sharp piranha teeth and all were educated in the various poisons with which it might be coated by rainforest tribes when hunting. Our thanks to Herefordshire Council Community Projects Grant for match-funding this event. See the photos here.

Drumming it in

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A boy tries samba drummingOn Sunday 3rd February 2013, 38 Dads and children attended a Samba Drumming Workshop at Kingstone High School, run by Matthew Hunt, Classic FM’s 2011 New Music Teacher of the Year. Matthew soon had everyone banging out some basic Samba rhythms on a variety of drums and instruments which slowly came together to produce a complete piece of Samba music. After a short interval to allow ears to recover, several Dads and children then had a go at developing their own Samba rhythms. It was great to see several new faces at the event and if the noise was anything to go by then there was no lack of enjoyment! A big thank you must go to Matthew Hunt for giving up his Sunday afternoon to run the event, and to Herefordshire C0uncil’s Community Projects Grant for match-funding the event. See more photos here.

Come on Dad

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A car prevented from moving by snowDespite the freeze on Saturday 19th January, 6 dads and their children still managed to dig themselves successfully out of snow-covered driveways and make it to Kingstone High School for the indoor sport event. Alas snow did prevent both a camera and the key to all the sports cupboards from arriving, but that didn’t stop games of both football and basketball from going ahead. Rattlesnakes and Tigers battled it out for the overall championship, leaving the Eagles and Sharks to fight over the wooden spoon.

Lighting up with Dad

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A child holding a paper lanternOn Saturday 17th November 2012, dads and children came together at Point4 in Hereford to make paper lanterns (honing those craft skills) before embarking on a short walk around the local area. There might have been a hint of reluctance from dads as the walk took in a fitness trail in the local park but that didn’t seem to dampen the competitive spirit among the children, who perhaps wisely employed a bit of judicious cheating to ensure their dads kept their place. As night fell, we returned to test the lanterns and young eyes betrayed excitement at the effective light sources – and slight fire danger – that they’d contributed to creating. Our many thanks to Anna Ward of Let’s Walk Herefordshire and volunteer, Martin, for a very enjoyable event.

Junior MudRunner Success

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A father and son running through a riverA huge congratulations to all 17 dads and 26 children who made it round a slippery, gooey, sticky 5 km course of lovely mud on Sunday 21st October 2012. The day was blessed with perfect muddy conditions, coupled with sunshine for the run, and there were some great competitive results amongst our crowd. From squelching through the thickest mud to wallowing in the “Muddy Tub of Love” at the end, there was a strong sense of both fun and achievement throughout. The Days Out With Dad T-shirts added to a great team spirit and made us a very clearly visible part of the event. Our thanks to Meghan Hopkins for capturing these great photos of the run, and also to parents who have sent in their photos.

Dads On Fire

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3 boys practising their winching skillsOn Sunday 9th September 2012, South Herefordshire gained a reserve crew of trainees in Urban Search & Rescue. Its members, some as young as 8 yrs old, are now equipped with skills ranging from the hoisting of casualties to safety from upstairs windows to the navigation of, and escape from, collapsed buildings. The crew, consisting of 9 dads and 15 children, were trained up by kind volunteers from the Hereford & Worcester Fire Service Urban Search & Rescue Team at their Droitwich training ground. With luck, they will enjoy many years of service to their community. View the photos of the day.

Superstars With Dad

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A girl throwing a ball at the mini-OlympicsHamstrings, achilles tendons and hearts all remained intact last Sunday 15th July, 2012, despite a competitive atmosphere at the Days Out With Dad mini-Olympics. Events as diverse as welly-throwing, limbo, shoot-the-hoop and obstacle courses formed the line-up of sporting events in which children and their dads sought to triumph. 10 local families went head to head in an effort to secure the top prize, but in the end, there could be only one…. Congratulations to all those who took part. All medals were well-deserved. Despite the uncharacteristic good weather, there were only a few photos taken.

Damp Camping with Dad

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A boy holds a mussel out that he has found by the seaIt was a very wet and windy Saturday night on 24th June 2012 when 15 families joined Days Out With Dad camping in Manorbier, near Tenby. While the wind put pay to the planned mackerel fishing, there were still plenty who ventured into the sea, explored caves, made sandcastles, played football, huddled round the BBQ, flew kites and (for some) tried camping for the first time. View the photos. Our thanks to Hereford Round Table for sponsoring the Group Event Shelters which proved invaluable!

Beating Dad to the Top

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Boys in conversation while walking up Snowdon13 dads and 23 children (aged 4 – 9) made a huge achievement on Saturday 26th May 2012 by walking to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales. Ten miles and 3,000ft of ascent along the Llanberis path was accomplished with a mix of tenacity and, in some cases, surprising ease. In stark contrast to last year’s attempt, the sun beat down on the climbers and afforded far-reaching views across Snowdonia and beyond, although a strong wind rarely let up, and made the approach to the summit very much a cautious one. While energy levels remained high throughout a well-deserved fish supper and a late evening in the hostel, there were very few complaints about finally going to bed. Our thanks to the Vitruvian Lodge of Ross Freemasons for their help with funding the trip. Take a look at a selection of photos of the day.