Dad Down

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dad in judo holdSome dads just go down too easy… There was a great mix of fun, competition and exercise during last Sunday’s introductory Judo session. Children probably recovered a little quicker than their dads after a good few more evenly matched fights. Our thanks go to Brian Butler, Elaine O’Connell and Izzy Butler for hosting a very entertaining event in Newent, and for maintaining an amused and patient approach to the dojo shenanigans. Hopefully some future fighters have been born. Enjoy perusing some good photos of the morning.

Mud and Dad

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Dads and children at the start of the Mud Run50 or so dads and children enjoyed a beautiful day at Eastnor Castle last Sunday, the sunshine and views only affected by the need to run 5km and get covered in mud. It was a day to remember though – particularly for those who camped the previous evening and made a festival out of it. We made a striking impact with our (now not so) brilliant-white T-shirts (our thanks for sponsoring which go to Helyx SIS Ltd). And out of over 1300 runners, our large team performed well, with one of our number even winning the prize for the fastest 7yr-old. While some competed hard, others found their mission in ensuring their fellow team mates came back the muddiest. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and well done to those children who proved they’re faster than their dads. We’ll trip you up next time. Enjoy browsing this great set of photos of the day.

Dark Day with Dad

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A picture of torch light in the darkOn Saturday 22nd February, 12 dads and 22 children embarked on a night walk up Garway Hill.  Well, “walk” wouldn’t correctly describe it. Perhaps speed-march would be more appropriate.  Once sheltered at the top, in the brick base of the old radio tower, we lit our fire buckets and enjoyed some toasted marshmallows on sticks.  The cutting wind and pitch black night highlighted to all how quickly one could lose their way.  Keen to set an example to their children, some of the dads managed to head down the hill off-course. However, quickly corrected by our offspring, we all made it back to the cars exhilarated by the end of the evening. The pictures didn’t turn out that well though – here’s our best one!

Served up by Dads

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Dads and children pose for a group shot after their tennis coaching eventDespite the day offering a weather cocktail of rain, wind and hail, the skies opened up last Sunday with a timely window of playable conditions to allow dads and children to work on their swing. With particular thanks to Andrew Griffiths and his team from Tennis Hereford, we enjoyed a great couple of hours of coaching and play at Hereford Whitecross Club.

Have a look at the few photos we managed to take on the day.

Gingerbread Dad

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A group of dads and children mix the ingredients for gingerbread menFor some, it was a first baking experience, and for many, it was their first experience baking with gluten-free, wheat-free ingredients. The resulting Christmas-themed cookies weren’t suggestive of amateur chefs, however. Take a look at the photos of the day. Our thanks to Julie and family for putting together the recipe and ingredients and managing the melee. And thanks to the Herefordshire Council Community Projects Grant that has supported us throughout 2013 to help enable events such as this one. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Days Out With Dad!

Dads in deep water

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Dads and children in a group shot in a swimming pool, waving at the cameraThere must be relatively few physical events where a dad would expect to be beaten by his primary-school age children. But our freestyle workshop in the Haberdashers’ pool in Monmouth on Sunday 20th October proved there is always an exception. Instructor, Sharron Stevenson, and colleagues put dads and children through their paces as they endeavoured to improve their stroke techniques. 8 families enjoyed the workshop and while children chatted freely during rests at the pool ends, dads did their best to catch their breath prior to the next exercise. The balance was redressed a little during fun relays and games of water polo, and all enjoyed a free play session to complete a rewarding 2 hours in the water. Our thanks to Herefordshire Community Projects Grant for match funding the event. Have a look at some pictures of the afternoon.

A llama day gone by

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A boy feeds a llama with grain from a bowl while his dad watches overIt’s not every day you make new friends – rarer still for them to be llamas. But a day out with dad can easily take you off the beaten track, and 17 families discovered just that on Sunday 15th September when they visited a local farm in Ewyas Harold. Fast-moving children as young as 2yrs take a little getting used to if you’re a llama, but calm eventually settled over the flock as some serious grooming and hair-styling ensued. Llamas then showed off their agility skills as dads and children led / cooerced them round a mini-obstacle course, before returning to their pen for some well-deserved food – fed to them by a willing bunch of carers. Thanks to Old King Street Farm for an experience to remember. And why not check out the photos of the day?

Leap of Faith… Leapt

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A group of blinfolded children and dads follow an outdoor trailThe “Leap of Faith” (a jump from a tall tree) was just one of the challenges faced by dads and children at the “Wild Weekend” in August. Blindfold trails, mud baths, fire-starting, den-building, zip wires, shooting and archery were all in the mix, as well as night-time walk in the woods and an overnight stay in a round house – likely to have been a first for the majority! Twenty-nine dads and children enjoyed the experience. More photos here.

A Tug In The Right Direction

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8 dads try to beat 20 children at tug-o-warYou can’t beat freedom from your parents. But that’s exactly what 34 children aged 2 to 11 managed to enjoy over a weekend’s camping in North Herefordshire in mid July. Fourteen families converged for a beautiful weekend in open countryside to enjoy camp fire cooking, tug-o-war, rounders, tag rugby, rope swinging, quarry exploring and much more. And in case you’ve ever wondered how many dads it would take to pull 20 children over, we can now tell you. The answer is eight. Take a look at some of the pictures of the weekend.

The Forest re-cycled

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A dad and his son rest after some cyclingAs with the last time we cycled in the Forest of Dean, dads and children shared another beautiful day on 8th June 2013 on the area’s Family Cycle Trail. The weather afforded swimming in the lakes and river, as well as ice cream after a relaxed 11 mile cycle with children from 2 – 9 years old. Numbers were low – we will aim to give a bit more notice for future events(!) – but it did make keeping together a little easier than last time! If you’ve not yet visited this local, off-road trail, we thoroughly recommend it for a day out. You can see a small selection of photos of our day here.