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A boy grooms a llama in a barnA big thank you to Tiger, who joined us to visit the Llamas with his dad in September, and who wrote a fantastic report on his experience there for his local newsletter. Great to have your feedback, Tiger! Do remember to leave us your impressions of our events. You can always use the “Be the first to comment” link at the top of a post, or you can send us an email. We’re forever glad to hear more about your experiences, both positive and otherwise.

Summer WildPlay

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The WildPlay logoIf you want a wide selection of outdoor things to do over the summer holidays, why not check out this page on Herefordshire Nature Trust’s website. A packed itinerary put together by our friends at WildPlay. (Please note these are not organised by Days Out With Dad – contact WildPlay directly with any questions!). They’ve also got a page on their site that is full of ideas for activities, including family trails (with downloadable maps). While there, you can grab a digital copy of “Where Wild Things Play” – a guide to exploring nature in Herefordshire. And if that’s not enough, they’ve got a page full of links to wider resources on the web for those who want to explore nature even further.

Come to our AGM

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The letters "agm"Join us on Wednesday 9th January at 8.30pm in the bar of The Pilgrim Hotel, Much Birch in South Herefordshire. We will be holding our AGM, where in addition to the formalities of reviewing the 2012 accounts and proposing / voting in committee members for 2013, we will be keen to hear from anyone who has ideas for the future. Come along, have a drink, meet the team and find out more about how we function as a group of volunteers. Remember we have an average budget of £400 available to support what could be YOUR event in 2013. Grab the chance while you can!

Involve A Dad

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Volunteering hands raised in the airWhat would you do with £400? Well, if you’re from in or around South Herefordshire, and can think how you might use it to organise an activity, event or trip for dads and children in 2013, then we’d like to hear from you! Days Out With Dad have now been running for over 3 years and have organised nearly 40 events in that time. We have the setup, experience and plenty of volunteers to help you realise your ideas. Now, thanks to £2000 match-funding from the Herefordshire Council Community Projects Fund, we are inviting YOU to come forward and help organise events of your design. We aim to host 10 such events in 2013 with an average budget of £400 each. Interested? Then do contact us, or come along to one of our next committee meetings. We’re open to all types of suggested activity, whether aimed at pre-school years or secondary school age, but are especially keen to involve dads of younger age-groups.

About Dad

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A silhouette of a crouching dad holding out his armsIf you’d like to learn more about Days Out With Dad, or if you want to see how we operate, how we’re funded, or how you can get involved, then you’re in luck. We’ve recently updated our About pages. You can always access these directly from the top menu on this website. There are separate pages for dads, for schools or other child-centred groups, and for funding organisations. Why not take a dive and consider getting more involved?

Support from New Grove Trust

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A logo comprising of a tree, with the words New Grove Trust - helping local projects grow

Our thanks to the New Grove Trust for a recent donation of £880. The Trust exists to help organisations deliver small scale projects that will help stimulate community activity. They aim to support organisations that are properly constituted and that operate within Monmouthshire, The Forest of Dean, or South Herefordshire. Their grant will go towards supporting 2 forthcoming Days Out With Dad events with transport and to cover our insurance costs. This will help to ensure that we can continue to provide quality events that remain affordable to all.

Treasure Not Found

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The Days Out With Dad Father’s Day Treasure remains secure. It seems we hid it a little too well. Nevertheless, our thanks to our sponsors, Trekkit Mountain Sports of Hereford for supporting the Treasure Hunt. The prize will be kept securely to support a future such event. In the meantime, if you’ve been hitting your head against the wall over the cryptic clues, then our apologies… you can now sit back in your chair, download the answers (also in Word format), and imagine hitting ours against the wall instead.

Local Funding News

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Square compassesOur thanks to both the Vitruvian Lodge of Ross Freemasons for their recent grant of £400 to support the Snowdon trip, and to the Hereford Round Table for providing us with £270 to purchase a couple of event shelters for use in all weathers at our outdoor events. Such local support continues to ensure that our events remain affordable and hence open to allHereford Round Table design.

Community Support

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Logos of funding bodiesWe are delighted to have recently been awarded 2 grants to support our events – £250 from Sainsbury’s Ross-on-Wye branch for the “Build A Tudor House” event, and £200 from the Elmley Small Grants Art Fund for the forthcoming “How To Draw” event. Funding from local sources such as these shows the great level of community support that we enjoy, as well as being critical to ensuring that we can keep the costs of our events at a level that is widely affordable. Our thanks to both organisations. We have also enjoyed some recent exposure in the local press. Articles in the Hereford Journal, Hereford Times and Ross Gazette will have served well to increase awareness of our activities.

AGM 2012

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All welcomeThe Days Out With Dad Annual General Meeting will be held at 8.30pm on Wednesday 11th January at the bar of The Pilgrim Hotel, Much Birch. We encourage all to participate – it’s a great opportunity to get involved, put forward ideas, meet the committee or find out more about how we operate. Vote for your new committee members for 2012 (nominees should be put forward here), join in discussions about events and funding for 2012, and join us for a beer afterwards. Oh – and Happy New Year!