Committee Meetings are held at 8.30pm on the last Tuesday of every month in the bar of the Axe & Cleaver in Much Birch, just off the A49. Do come along and join us for a beer - we try to dispense with formal, minuted decision-making within the first half-hour, after which we enjoy open discussion on matters such as ideas for future events or activities. If you'd like to volunteer or join the committee or have an idea to share, then these meetings are for you. It's a good idea to check this page prior to turning up, as occasionally we have to alter the date or time of a meeting to suit the availability of the committee members.

Mugshots of committee members

On this page, you can find the agendas and minutes of meetings, as well as links to other documents that arise from time to time, such as annual reports or accounts.

The current committee is made up of 6 South Herefordshire dads:

  • Chairman: David Martin
  • Secretary: Martin Booy
  • Treasurer: Mark Taylor
  • H&S Officer: Huw Roblin
  • Child Safety Officer: Jamie Rees
  • Equal Ops Officer: Paul Burden
  • Committee Member: Simon Horan

We look forward to meeting you.

March Meeting

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The next committee meeting will be tonight, Tuesday 25th March, at 8.30pm in the Axe & Cleaver pub in Much Birch. We’re in need of getting more events in the planning, so if you have ideas, and better still the time to implement them (!) then we’d be very glad to see you there!

AGM Minutes

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We held our Annual General Meeting on 28th January 2014. There was little change to the committee. However, we welcome Simon Horan as our new Secretary – following on in the footsteps of Martin Booy, and Kevin Warren before him – to whom many thanks for their past efforts. Reports were given by both David Martin (Chairman) and Mark Taylor (Treasurer). Approval of accounts has been delayed until there has been an opportunity to audit them. The next meeting will be held at 8.30pm on Tuesday 4th March in the usual place – the Axe & Cleaver pub in Much Birch. We hope to see you there.

Download the minutes

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

See last year’s reports.

AGM 2014 coming up

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On Tuesday 28th January at 8.30pm in the Axe & Cleaver pub in Much Birch, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. A good chance to have a beer, while formalities are dealt with, including the election of the coming year’s committee. As ever, all are welcome to attend, and to bring your ideas, and if there’s anyone keen to revitalise the committee, then do of course put yourselves forward!

Next meeting last Tuesday of November

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The next meeting has been returned to its usual time – the last Tuesday of the month – and so will occur at 8.30pm on Tuesday 26th November 2013 in the Axe and Cleaver Pub, Much Birch.

Minutes of October Meeting