Our need for funds


Dad on beach with child on his shouldersIf you have funds available, then please stay and read on! We are regularly in need of grants and donations, typically for 3 main purposes:

  • To help ensure that no event is financially exclusive, and so to ensure that our events remain open to all (see typical event costs)
  • To help cover our small annual overheads of around £500. This pays for public liability insurance, website hosting and basic stationery and printing costs.
  • To support occasional marketing initiatives, projects and flagship events, designed to engage new dads in our activities

Days Out With Dad stimulates community cohesion by bringing together volunteers from the local area to craft and deliver unique events. South Herefordshire offers relatively few community activities for children that are designed to be father friendly, yet the benefits to children of involved fatherhood are widely researched and understood. We offer a unique service in a rural area in which geographical dispersal can make it difficult for fathers to build their own support networks. We welcome your support in helping us to sustain our services and meet our objectives.

A dad and his son concentrate on painting a Picasso-style face

We always acknowledge grants on our website, and where appropriate, in press releases about our events. We are always happy to discuss how we can best publicise the support we receive, including through passing on testimonials and relevant photographs (subject to parents’ permission).

Please contact us if you’d like any further information, and do subscribe to receive our emails (using the form on the left) if you’d like to stay informed about our on-going activities.

We are a South Herefordshire voluntary organisation and we extend our thanks to all those local businesses and funding organisations who have helped us since we formed as an Unincorporated Association in June 2009. If you’d like, you may view our Governing Constitution, or contact us for a copy of our Child Safety, Equal Opportunities or Health & Safety Policies. You can also take a look at our recent accounts.