See the Biggest Bore

Posted on February 13, 2015 under Days Ahead | Be the First to Comment


A surfer rides a wave on the riverWe’re back – after something of a break. And one of the most exciting things happening near you on the morning of Saturday 21st February 2015 will be the biggest Bore of the year. Dads, children, if you’ve been missing our adventures over the past year, then here’s a chance to re-live one of them. So perhaps we won’t be surfing it, but we’ll be watching others try as one of Britain’s great natural wonders happens right in front of our eyes. Join us for a bacon butty and a great view. Suitable for all ages. £5 / head to cover transport and food. For further details, and to book your places, please use the booking form.

And if you have a local noticeboard, please print off and advertise our flyer

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