Swimming Photos

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Many thanks to dad, Rob, for taking these excellent photos towards the end of our swim, as well as for helping to organise and lifeguard the session.

  • Dads in deep water said,

    […] There must be relatively few physical events where a dad would expect to be beaten by his primary-school age children. But our freestyle workshop in the Haberdashers’ pool in Monmouth on Sunday 20th October proved there is always an exception. Instructor, Sharron Stevenson, and colleagues put dads and children through their paces as they endeavoured to improve their stroke techniques. 8 families enjoyed the workshop and while children chatted freely during rests at the pool ends, dads did their best to catch their breath prior to the next exercise. The balance was redressed a little during fun relays and games of water polo, and all enjoyed a free play session to complete a rewarding 2 hours in the water. Our thanks to Herefordshire Community Projects Grant for match funding the event. Have a look at some pictures of the afternoon. […]

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