Llama Photos

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Possibly one of the more unusual sets of photos in our gallery… get your llama hit now by browsing through the photos below, kindly sent in by various dads.

  • A llama day gone by said,

    […] It’s not every day you make new friends – rarer still for them to be llamas. But a day out with dad can easily take you off the beaten track, and 17 families discovered just that on Sunday 15th September when they visited a local farm in Ewyas Harold. Fast-moving children as young as 2yrs take a little getting used to if you’re a llama, but calm eventually settled over the flock as some serious grooming and hair-styling ensued. Llamas then showed off their agility skills as dads and children led / cooerced them round a mini-obstacle course, before returning to their pen for some well-deserved food – fed to them by a willing bunch of carers. Thanks to Old King Street Farm for an experience to remember. And why not check out the photos of the day? […]

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