A Tug In The Right Direction

Posted on August 5, 2013 under Days Gone By | 2 Comments to Read


8 dads try to beat 20 children at tug-o-warYou can’t beat freedom from your parents. But that’s exactly what 34 children aged 2 to 11 managed to enjoy over a weekend’s camping in North Herefordshire in mid July. Fourteen families converged for a beautiful weekend in open countryside to enjoy camp fire cooking, tug-o-war, rounders, tag rugby, rope swinging, quarry exploring and much more. And in case you’ve ever wondered how many dads it would take to pull 20 children over, we can now tell you. The answer is eight. Take a look at some of the pictures of the weekend.

  • Tim G said,

    A great weekend, for the kids and the grown-ups too. The regular dads made me feel very welcome. Nice and relaxed for the children,no stress,so they could have fun and really enjoy themselves. Big thanks to David and the team.

  • David M said,

    Glad you enjoyed it, Tim. Thanks for letting us know. Hope to see you again on another event soon and do encourage others from the Leominster area to come along too.

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