Father’s Day Treasure Hunt

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For Father’s Day this year, why not celebrate with real treasure? Somewhere within South Herefordshire stands a dilapidated structure. At the base of its Western wall, guarded closely, there lies a secret box. The box contains treasure… treasure that belongs to the first to find it. Could that be you?

This Treasure Hunt is open to all and not restricted solely to dads. Mums should feel free to beat them to it – or indeed anyone who wants to try their luck. However, while the clues are aimed firmly at crossword-solving adults with some knowledge of South Herefordshire, Days Out With Dad is encouraging participants to hunt out the numbers and the final treasure with children. The excitement is in the chase…. Good luck! And do let us know how you are getting on – leave a comment.

Download the instructions and initial clues in either PDF or in MS Word.

UPDATE: The remaining clues have now also been released (as of 7pm Friday 15th June), and can be downloaded in either PDF or in MS Word. If you want to be kept abreast of any updates (such as when someone finds the treasure), then let us know you’re taking part by using our Contact form. The hunt will come to an end, and answers will be published, at 9pm on Sunday 1st July 2012.

UPDATE! With just a few days remaining of the Treasure Hunt, and the treasure as yet not found, we’ve just added some (admittedly cryptic) pictures to the clues. All contestants should re-download them.Trekkit branding

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    […] such event. In the meantime, if you’ve been hitting your head against the wall over the cryptic clues, then our apologies… you can now sit back in your chair, download the answers (also in Word […]

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