Dad Down

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dad in judo holdSome dads just go down too easy… There was a great mix of fun, competition and exercise during last Sunday’s introductory Judo session. Children probably recovered a little quicker than their dads after a good few more evenly matched fights. Our thanks go to Brian Butler, Elaine O’Connell and Izzy Butler for hosting a very entertaining event in Newent, and for maintaining an amused and patient approach to the dojo shenanigans. Hopefully some future fighters have been born. Enjoy perusing some good photos of the morning.

Black Belt Dads

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A child throws an instructor in a dojoDads, kids – have you been missing us? Well, we’re back to help you find your mojo in the dojo. Or swap the ludo for some judo…? Hmm. Dont worry – if such pathetic puns infuriate you then here’s your chance to sort it out with a fight. On Sunday 12th June 2016, children will have the opportunity to find their inner Colin Oates or Natalie Powell (Dads, erm, Brian Jacks?) at this introductory coaching session that will add some tricks up your sleeve for when you forget to run away. Suitable for dad’s and children over 5 years and yes – as usual, you will all be participants. £3 per family. To book your place or make an enquiry, please visit the booking page.

Please post this flyer in your local school or community area.

Muck in, Dad

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Running Dad waves at cameraDads and children – it’s time to be thinking about this year’s Junior Mud Run at Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury on Sunday 28th June. 5km of mucky fun awaits, with dads running together with their children, and who knows? You may still be faster than your kids…? This is the third time we’ve tackled this run, and it’s been a huge success in both 2012 and 2014. The “Oblivion” has now been turned into more of a festival than simply a run, and the atmosphere is certainly party-like, for which we’ll aim to camp over on the Saturday night, giving the fitter / keener / madder(?) dads the  opportunity to run the adult race on the previous day. While we will endeavour, as before, to keep the cost affordable, we have not yet secured funding to enable this. Please get in touch via the sign-up page to hear further details from the organiser. And don’t waste time – places will fill rapidly!

UPDATE: Sorry – due to popular demand this event is now fully booked.

See the Biggest Bore

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A surfer rides a wave on the riverWe’re back – after something of a break. And one of the most exciting things happening near you on the morning of Saturday 21st February 2015 will be the biggest Bore of the year. Dads, children, if you’ve been missing our adventures over the past year, then here’s a chance to re-live one of them. So perhaps we won’t be surfing it, but we’ll be watching others try as one of Britain’s great natural wonders happens right in front of our eyes. Join us for a bacon butty and a great view. Suitable for all ages. £5 / head to cover transport and food. For further details, and to book your places, please use the booking form.

And if you have a local noticeboard, please print off and advertise our flyer

Mud and Dad

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Dads and children at the start of the Mud Run50 or so dads and children enjoyed a beautiful day at Eastnor Castle last Sunday, the sunshine and views only affected by the need to run 5km and get covered in mud. It was a day to remember though – particularly for those who camped the previous evening and made a festival out of it. We made a striking impact with our (now not so) brilliant-white T-shirts (our thanks for sponsoring which go to Helyx SIS Ltd). And out of over 1300 runners, our large team performed well, with one of our number even winning the prize for the fastest 7yr-old. While some competed hard, others found their mission in ensuring their fellow team mates came back the muddiest. Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and well done to those children who proved they’re faster than their dads. We’ll trip you up next time. Enjoy browsing this great set of photos of the day.

Summer night with the family

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A dad sat on the grass by a tent with a boyJoin us on Saturday 5th July with all the family (mums too) for an overnight camp at Ridgehill, just South of Hereford. A great opportunity, we hope, to enjoy the long evening with fantastic views out over the local countryside. We’ll put together the usual mix of fun and games for everyone to enjoy, but most of all, come along, relax and enjoy a bit of summer with us. The campsite is in a great spot, but it is only a small one, so please use the booking form to be sure of your place. Price will be just £5 / child, with a maximum of £10 / family, although we’ll be asking for some help with food, especially if you’re bringing a whole netball team! Shout if you haven’t got a tent, and we’ll see what we can do to help. Equally, if you have a whole stock of them, or some great games to play, then do get in touch. And good luck in the tug-o-war.

Please print off the flyer and advertise it near you

Dad or Child?

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A boy running the 2012 Mudrunner with a 'Days Out With Dad' T-shirtWho’s the fastest? Well here’s your chance to find out. Hope for rain on Sunday, June 29th at 10am, so that the mud lies thick. Dads will run head to head with their children through muck, mud and … well, quite a bit of dirt. Here’s your chance to join us on the Junior Oblivion Mudrunner at Eastnor Castle – back by popular demand since we last ran it in 2012. Join the Days Out With Dad team as we run a 5km course through muddy terrain, with just a sprinkling of obstacles thrown in for good measure. Is it child’s play? Or the stuff of men? You won’t know unless you try it. Places are very limited so book your places early! Regrettably, price remains uncertain, as sponsorship has not yet been secured against the entry fee, but register your interest, and we’ll keep you updated. Please note this race is for children aged 5yrs and older, and we will only accept entries for children who are running with their fathers (or father figures).

Please display this flyer on your local noticeboard.

Dark Day with Dad

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A picture of torch light in the darkOn Saturday 22nd February, 12 dads and 22 children embarked on a night walk up Garway Hill.  Well, “walk” wouldn’t correctly describe it. Perhaps speed-march would be more appropriate.  Once sheltered at the top, in the brick base of the old radio tower, we lit our fire buckets and enjoyed some toasted marshmallows on sticks.  The cutting wind and pitch black night highlighted to all how quickly one could lose their way.  Keen to set an example to their children, some of the dads managed to head down the hill off-course. However, quickly corrected by our offspring, we all made it back to the cars exhilarated by the end of the evening. The pictures didn’t turn out that well though – here’s our best one!

Walk in the Dark

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The Garway Hill Radio Tower as it looked during the Second World WarHave you yet ventured up to the top of one of the most stunning view points in South Herefordshire? From Garway Hill you can see 7 counties on a clear day, and it’s an easy walk even for the youngest in your family. The octagonal brick structure on the summit, once a World War II radio tower (pictured, courtesy of Doreen Ruck), along with the modern day radio mast nearby, and the bracken-covered upper slopes, make the hill an easily recognised landmark from far around. Join us on Saturday 22nd February at 6pm for a night-time wander up Garway Hill. We’ll be impressed if you see 7 counties, but you might enjoy a bit of stargazing, if that’s not too hopeful? And we’ll be celebrating… it’s our 50th event since Days Out With Dad started up 5 years ago.

Register your interest and we’ll send you details of where and when we’ll be meeting.

Please put up this flyer for the event on your local noticeboard.

Served up by Dads

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Dads and children pose for a group shot after their tennis coaching eventDespite the day offering a weather cocktail of rain, wind and hail, the skies opened up last Sunday with a timely window of playable conditions to allow dads and children to work on their swing. With particular thanks to Andrew Griffiths and his team from Tennis Hereford, we enjoyed a great couple of hours of coaching and play at Hereford Whitecross Club.

Have a look at the few photos we managed to take on the day.